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Additionally, these models have the skills and experience necessary to provide the kind of companionship that many men yearn for. They know the kind of treatment that men want from women. This makes them better than ordinary girls that are always looking for men to worship them. A good companion doesnít play hard to get or waste the time of her client playing time-wasting dating games. Her focus is on the ultimate satisfaction of her client.

Stress Relieving

Men go through stressful and hectic routines. Some of them are trying to grow their businesses or succeed in their careers. Others are trying to make money before they retire. Such men donít want to endure stress at work and face more stress back at home. To avoid this, some men prefer dating companions instead of getting into relationship with women that donít understand them.

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Higher Sex Drive
Naturally, healthy men have a higher sex drive than women. This explains why men seem sexual than women. Most adult men aged below 60 years think about sex a minimum of one time every day. On the other hand, only a quarter of adult women think about sex more often. Nevertheless, fantasies decline as both women and men age. However, men still fantasize about sex as twice as women. Generally, men want and enjoy sex at the beginning of a relationship, in the middle of their relationship, and even after several years of being in a relationship. The high sex drive is perhaps the reason why a single man will book a companion whenever he feels lonely.

Intimacy Language

A major reason why men enjoy sex more than women is perhaps the fact that they experience intimacy language differently. For women, itís largely about how to get there and the anticipation. Itís largely about the longing. Their desire is fueled by this longing. On the other hand, men donít need all this imagination. But, this should not be misinterpreted to mean that men donít need love, intimacy and connection. It simply means that men perceive sex differently. For them, sex is simply a connection. Itís a language for expressing vulnerability and tender loving.

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